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According to Dictionary the meaning of Counseling is "Advice or guidance, especially as solicited from a knowledgeable person." Career counseling sessions give you a safe place and time to express what you're really struggling with -- in your career and in the rest of your life, too .The term counselling refers to working with individuals and giving them an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify. Counselling is nothing but a process that helps an individual to choose a certain path or sort out certain issues affecting life. Sometimes counselling is also seen as a dissemination of information and guidance from a learned source.

Counselling or 'consultation' is an act that involves exchanging opinions, ideas, imaginations etc. Counselling is a way in which one person shares his or her problems or thoughts with someone who is capable of and able to understand the other person and aid him or counsel him in order to clear his confusions or solve his issues.

Counselling is a methodological way that involves tests, interviews, chats and a lot more through which one can get relevant advice and guidance to solve ones problems/confusions. It is a proven fact that more often than not one can solve ones problems in a better way when you talk it out to a person. Counselling involves talking and discussing out issues about which one feels confused. Based on these discussions and also certain oral and written tests that help the counselor to judge you, you are recommended a plan of action.


We Provide:

  • Career Counseling
  • Abroad Counseling
  • Visa Counselling (Immigration) - UK & Canada


Purpose of Career Counseling

Typically, career counseling is a process, which helps in identifying the career interest of an individual and in this way, the ideal profession or career options for him. The job of identifying the interests is not as simple as it sounds. Career counselors have many strategic ways do this and the best approach to this is definitely a combination of carious proved methods, which in total find solutions for getting you the right path.


Abroad Counselling - Study In

  • UK
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • U.S.A.
  • Canada


Services Provided

Academic Counseling

A team of academically highly qualified professionals with significant experience in overseas education assesses individuals on their profile and advises on options for overseas study

Detailed preliminary counselling at no cost, by our expert counselors & discussing various options enabling decision making for student & family based on individual requirements

Information available for all types of study in almost every available discipline with choice options on country & university for student to choose from.


Assistance in selecting University & Course of Study

Experienced counselors at SIMS would guide you through the complex process of decision making through questions answers & interaction

Based on preliminary counselling, our counselors would guide you thorough multiple options based on various parameters to enable right selection of country, university & course of your choice

Selection would be based on academic profile, career goals, work experience, financial capabilities & personal needs.


Admissions & Documentation

Assist in sending a well presented & error free application for admissions.

Providing checklist of all documents to be submitted to ensure admissions at desired universities of your choice ensuring student meets all criteria of admissions at university of his choice.

We provide samples of vital documents like sop, recommendation letters, essays, work experience letter formats and any other required for specific profiles.

Regular follow ups to ensure faster response from universities and we have a high success ratio of admission acceptance


Co-Ordinating with Universities for Admissions

Every application is co-ordinated with the university admission office for admissions.

Our academic team also sends recommendation wherever required explaining factors on why student should be accepted in the program applied.

Opinions are obtained from our academically qualified director's by universities to assist them in their decision making process.


Bank Loans

We assist in obtaining bank loans or loans under various categories by nationalised and scheduled private sector banks.

We help in the entire process including filling up the application form, selection of bank, eligibility criteria and the documentation required by banks.

We also help in solving or assisting the bank for any information they may need from time to time during the process of the application for a positive conclusion.


Visa Process

We assist in filing visa applications for any country which the student has secured admission to.

We provide information on visa regulations & latest updates on visa applications based on which we guide students individually in their respective visa applications.

We help in preparing visa applications and providing document checklists for submission with the visa application

Our director, a chartered accountant by qualification would assist in preparing the appropriate & acceptable financial documentation to meet the funding requirements of each country which has helped in positive acceptances for our students.

Communicating with the respective embassies to update on the progress of visa applications.


Travel, Forex & Additional InsuranceArrangements

Our office helps in making appropriate travel bookings in the airline of your choice, maintaining individual schedules & requirements at the most competitive price with student discounts.

Organizing your foreign currency requirements at the best rates possible with convenient deliveries to the student.

Additional insurance cover wherever necessary or required by the family to cover additional risks during the period of stay out of the country


Temporary Accomodation

We help in organising temporary accomodation which are approved by the university to enable student to settle down in a foreign land immediately on landing there.

These would be safe and with all basic amenities student requires on reaching the country for his study, relieving parents of their worry during initial stages of his settling down in a foreign land.


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